F&B outlets can benefit from the student population at edumetro

RECENT news of a spike in COVID-19 cases filled Mokthar with a sense of dread. Mokthar runs a popular restaurant serving halal Arab cuisine in a city centre location.

However, he barely survived the prolonged lockdowns, which hit the F&B industry especially hard. Unable to open, he had to make do with deliveries from loyal customers in faraway suburbs willing to fork out the hefty delivery charges. 

Though his business has picked up again post-pandemic, Mokthar was keen to avoid a similar scenario. His business in its current location would not survive another lockdown as he is already trying to cover arrears from the previous quarantine. 

He made the bold move to find an alternative location. His search brought him to edumetro, a mixed-integrated development in USJ1, Subang Jaya. 

What Mokthar found appealing about this location was that SEGi College was opening its new campus on site, thus providing him with a steady footfall of young and hungry customers.

He also knew his cuisine would appeal to a large number of international students in the area, having seen the success of similar businesses within the education hub that is Subang Jaya. 

Verification with a real estate agency also revealed that there were mampu milik units facing SEGi College. Purchasing a unit would allow Mokthar to avoid steep rental increases that were par for the course in city centre locations. 

He was also piqued to hear that several units come equipped with essential F&B fittings to meet municipal regulations. This would represent huge savings for him. 

The fact that his new restaurant would be located in a well-to-do residential neighbourhood also bodes well for his delivery services.  

With these factors in mind, Mokthar began plotting his move to preempt any disruptions posed by another COVID-19 outbreak. 

Searching for new business premises like Mokthar? Do check out: https://edumetro.com.my/ – Jan 14, 2023

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