Female netizen warns against napping when accepting ride from close male friends

A POST shared by an anonymous female netizen on X (formerly Twitter) has sparked heated discussion among netizens.

Shared by user @meinmokhar, the poster shared a terrifying ordeal where she had accepted a ride home from a male companion after a night out with her friends. She was the last one to be dropped off and inadvertently dozed off.

When she awoke – to her horror – she noted her hijab had been removed and the male driver was kissing her neck while his hands were on her breasts.

She related that she had resisted but was unable to do much. Despite that, she was thankful that the situation did not escalate further. The poster admits to feeling “dirty” and worries about her prospective husband finding out about this episode.

The victim of the sexual assault warns ladies out there to be extra vigilant when accepting rides from male companions even though they may be friends or acquaintances.

She firmly states that there will always be an element of lust among men and that women need to avoid finding themselves in vulnerable situations as she did.

At the time of writing, the post has been viewed over 770,000 times and elicited 136 comments and 4,500 likes. Many of them urging the poster to file a police report against the perpetrator.

One netizen agreed with the poster saying to never trust heterosexual males even though they may be “best friends”, alleging that men can never be trusted.

More than a few netizens simply said that it was best not to have “male best friends” to avoid such situations.

As for the poster’s concerns about her future spouse finding out, a netizen counselled to just keep these matters to herself and to not share with anyone else, not least on social media.

What is truly sad about this incident is that the victim is unable to report the issue to the police for fear of her reputation being tarnished. Although there are laws to protect the identity of victims of sexual crimes, it can safely be said that social media will probably ensure that those identities will not remain secret for very long.

It would also appear that for many young ladies, the solution proffered by many netizens is simply to avoid having any close male companions or ‘besties’. – Dec 28, 2023


Main pic credit: PanduLaju


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