Feng shui insights: What to watch out for in Year of the Rabbit

Editor’s Note: This is a synopsis of geomancer Master Raymond Lo’s Year of the Rabbit forecast. He is one of the most sought-after professional feng shui and destiny consultants in the world. A Hong Kong native, he is one of only five people alive to earn the title of “Grand Master” from the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA).

A PERSON born on a yin water day often appears to be polite, patient, humble and tolerant, accommodating but very intelligent. They are moderate on the outside but persistent and full of will power and strength inside.

They tend to listen and accommodate other’s opinion as they do not like to argue or quarrel. Instead of open fighting, they prefer to pursue their agenda in secret. Hence yin water individuals are often secretive but will surprise you with significant accomplishment.

A typical example of famous yin water person is Prince Charles who does not make much noise in the international scene but is intelligent and very active in environmental protection.

Other famous examples of yin water include the great novelist Stephen King, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, famous war strategist in Chinese history Zhuge Liang, General Cheung Fai of the Three Kingdoms, Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee and actor Johnny Depp.

Global peace

The 2023 water wood elements configuration in supportive cycle will help to resolve conflict and bring more harmony in international relationship.

Master Raymond Lo

And we can expect the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will end bringing more peaceful atmosphere and there is less tension between East and West. However, it does not mean conflict and war will totally disappear.

Only that the fight may turn underground and secretive. As such there will be assassinations, coup d’etat, protests and terrorist activities. The most famous assassination in history is the murder of President John Kennedy 60 years ago in 1963 which is also year of Yin water Rabbit.

Economic recovery to slow

The Rabbit is pure spring wood element. As it is described as a leaf or flower, hence unable to generate much fire like the Tiger wood, 2023 is pure water and wood with total absence of fire element like the previous years of 2020 and 2021.

The fire element is necessary to stimulate economic activities.  As fire is symbol of happiness and positive energy in the Chinese five-element system, the total absent of fire will mean less confidence and less drive for investment activities.

This may lead to pessimism in the economy and set back in the stock market.  The economic recovery which we experienced in 2022 may slow down. Such absence of fire will continue into 2024.

As a real fire element will not return before 2025 year of Snake, it will not be surprising that a more significant setback in stock market may appear in the autumn and winter season of 2023.

Be wary of air travel

Air travel is a business of the fire element. As fire is totally absent in 2023, this may be a factor contributing to air traffic disasters.

Back in 1963, there were plenty of serious air crashes. On Feb 12 that year, a Northwest Airlines Flight 705 crashed in Florida killing 43 people. On Nov 8, a Finnair plane crashed at the Aland airport before landing while Trans Canada Airline Flight 831 crashed near Montreal with 118 passengers and crew perished.

On Dec 8 that year, a lightning strike caused the crash of Pan Am Flight 214 in Maryland, US, killing 81 people.

Earth-related disasters

As 2023 is water and wood year, the earth element becomes relatively weak. So, there can be more earth-related disasters.

Looking back in history, there were serious earth disasters in 1963. On Feb 21, there was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Northern Libya with over 300 deaths and 500 injuries.

In March that year, there was volcanic eruption in Bali that killed 1,500 people. In July, an earthquake in the then Yugoslavia killed 1,800 people. On Oct 9, over 2,000 people died in a landslide disaster in North Italy while on Nov 9, a coal mine explosion occurred in Japan, killing 458 people.

Physical health

As there is total absence of fire element this year – and with the yin water clashing against yin fire – there is a need to be careful about sickness related to the heart and the brain or nerve system.

Yin fire represents the heart, the brain and the eyes. Hence, when yin water come to clash against yin fire, it may cause heart attack, stroke or sickness related to eyesight to people who has yin fire as their important element.

The former Soviet leader Boris Yeltsin who was a weak yin fire person suffered from heart ailment and died of heart problem in 2007.

Hilary Clinton was born in 1947 year of yin fire. In 2013 which was the year of the yin water snake, her yin fire clashed with the yin water year, causing blood clot in her brain and forcing her to resign from the position of US secretary of state.

Bruce Lee died in yin water ox year 1973 – his yin fire came under attack by yin water in 1973 – with a post-mortem report showing that he had water in his brain.

In 2023. people with yin fire or rooster in their chart have to be more careful. As both US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping were born on Yin fire day, they are “under clash” against yin water in 2023.

Biden’s weak yin fire could pose damage to his health while the attack of yin water on Xi may not be that serious given that he is a strong fire person.

Xi Jinping (left) and Joe Biden (right)

Businesses that will thrive

Industries that will perform better in the year of the Rabbit will be industries related to metal element and earth element. Metal industries are banking, machinery, engineering, car, beauty and skin care while that of earth industries are property, insurance mining and high tech.

The other industries of fire and wood are into a not so prosperous year in 2023.

With the arrival of “Age of 9” in 2024, there could be more attention accorded to the development of metaverse business which includes cryptocurrency and NFT (non-fungible token) which are of speculative nature with a market behaviour that is similar to the stock market.

As such, its price level also fluctuates with confidence like the stock market. As the fire element which is essential for its prosperity is totally absent in 2023, the enthusiasm to invest in metaverse business and cryptocurrency may be cooling down towards 2H 2023 like the stock market.


On a positive note, the impact of COVID-19 pandemic brought about by the massive water elements of 2020 and 2021 is receding with the world gradually resuming a normal life. There will be more joyful sentiments with the return of entertainment and travelling, wedding celebration, musical concerts, business and cultural events, etc.

There are still international tension and social unrest as people are in liberal mood with more desire to make changes. But on the overall, the world is comparatively more peaceful with less open war and more opportunities for negotiation and compromise. – Jan 22, 2023


Master Raymond Lo’s full article can be accessed here.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

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