Flight simulator video dupes many netizens into thinking MAS flies to NYC

A FLIGHT simulator video showing a near-perfect landing of Malaysia Airlines plane at New York City’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport has fooled many netizens into initially thinking that the clip was real.

The video uploaded on PJ Daddy’s Facebook page has seen the clip viewed over 584,000 times at the time of writing while fetching some 12,000 likes and eliciting as many as 650 comments.

However, the excitement of a smooth touch-down quickly descended into whether MAS actually flew to NYC with some saying the Big Apple was never a destination for the airline.

Netizen Airline Bouk Torres fired the first salvo by claiming that the national flag carrier never flew to JFK only to be rebutted by other netizens in the know.

Whether there were ever any flights to NYC’s JFK airport, there were enough comments showing genuine pride and love for the country’s national airline.

Whether or not MAS did fly to NYC’s JFK is irrelevant. So is the fact that many seemed to believe that this flight simulator video was the real thing.

The important thing to note that there were plenty of positive comments about MAS. Given its recent turbulent history, it is heartening to see so many still hold the national airlines in such high regard.

With the recent fiasco surrounding a certain newbie budget airline, MAS should certainly capitalise on its reputation as the national carrier that will not leave passengers stranded without refunds.

It has its challenges in the past but this could be the right time to re-establish itself as the airline of choice among Malaysians as well as international travellers. – Jan 4, 2023

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