Floods: Nurul Izzah warned us five months ago, netizens chide the Gov’t!

WITH torrential rains causing floods in West Malaysia, netizens took to social media to criticise the Government for failing to act accordingly to help those affected.  

And their anger only got worse after a footage from July 26 went viral, featuring PKR MP Nurul Izzah Anwar warning the Government of the upcoming monsoon season and prepare for the worst.  

User Asyraf echoed Taufiq’s sentiments, adding:

Netizen Mewgulfasia retorted:

In a late-night press conference yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that he had instructed the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) to do whatever necessary to help those affected by the massive floods.  

“About 5,700 temporary evacuation centres have been opened, which can cater for over 1.6 milllion people, with 500 volunteers mobilised to help flood victims.  

“I have also consulted the Armed Forces and police in regards to the matter and both will be mobilised as well to help those trapped due to the floods,” he was reported saying.  

In July, Nurul Izzah urged the Government to include the upcoming monsoon season in the National Recovery Plan (NRP) and prepare for a tough scenario where the nation will have to deal with floods and COVID-19.  

“The Penang state government and other state agencies are working hard to come up with a plan to deal with the scenario.  

“And I will provide all the data I have to the Statistics Department and Finance Ministry so that we can prepare for the situation ahead. 

“We must acknowledge the fact that there are weaknesses to our response system and improvements must be made.  

“And when natural disasters happen, we must have our healthcare and welfare systems ready to meet the challenges,” the Permatang Pauh lawmaker then said.  

 Party meetings more important than struggling rakyat  

Touching on the matter, user Kentucky Kid opined that the Government paid no attention to Nurul Izzah’s warning as she was from Pakatan Harapan.  

User Arm Rush replied:

“Nurul Izzah warned the parliament to prepare for the monsoon a few months ago and nothing was done.  

“When it struck, you still had the opportunity to go to some fancy majlis and all. Then dah midnight baru nak acah dengar taklimat bagai (only then you want to address it).  

“Celaka punya pemimpin.” (Cursed leaders).  

The netizen was referring to UMNO holding its branch and division level meetings across the country yesterday morning, while the people were struggling with flood waters. – Dec 19, 2021.  

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