Four-day work week trial gets positive feedback, productivity increased

ADOPTING the four-day work week policy has been proven to improve job productivity and increase the rate of achieving work-life balance among the employees, as the concept has been trialled across 15 countries.

According to Commission Factory CEO Zane McIntyre, the policy did not even result in any negative financial impact or pay reductions.

“We have seen improvement in productivity and efficiency during this time. Not only has the Malaysian team adapted to this, but they have also shown great improvement and have conveyed their appreciation for this,” McIntyre affirms.

While it is still in the early days for the four-day work week pilot, the results have been encouraging, showing continued revenue growth month-on-month, as well as year-on-year.

“This is evidence that working more hours does not necessarily mean higher performance,” he added.

In keeping up with the progress of the four-day work week concept, the Commission Factory installed a fortnightly feedback session from its staff, in which it was revealed an increase of employees’ satisfaction and retention rate.

The policy’s success rate is also owing to clear communication and a level of transparency that allows all departments and individuals to perform their roles with little, to no impact, if another was away.

The implementation of the policy empowers the staff to assess the time in the day, which also translates to lesser or shorter meetings being scheduled, better utilisation of technology in time management.

Additionally, even the clients and partners of Commission Factory have responded positively to the four-day work week culture and many have shown interest in implementing the same policy at their respective work place.

“After six months we hope to produce a full-scale report on our lessons and learnings that will give greater insight for other workplaces wishing to offer this new work-life balance to their employees,” said its headquarters marketing manager Emily Do. – Apr 1, 2021

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