From B2B to B2C, the shift of delivery trends demands change in its players

CONSIDERING the increased demand for small-package deliveries, Nationwide Express Courier Services Bhd introduced a new IT system and improved courier bags.

While the new IT system will allow for enhanced courier application that enables the customers to do receive live tracking update on their packages, the redesigned courier bags will allow the despatch riders to handle more volume for each delivery.

According to Nationwide Express’ CEO Wan Mohamed Den, the company began embarking on the expansion of its business-to-consumer (B2C) concept since last year, in order to cater for the spike of demands in e-commerce.

“Traditionally, 95% of our business comes from business-to-business (B2B) but in the recent months, its B2C business has grown tremendously as customers are more comfortable with the use of digital and online platforms,” Wan Mohamed said.

“With the introduction of the new system and the purchase of these newly improved courier bags, customers and business owners alike will have peace of mind as the bags are more robust and can withstand harsher weather conditions ensuring that consignments are delivered in one piece,” he added.

Wan Mohamed also mentioned that these initiatives as part of its re-branding exercise to promote the presence of the Nationwide Express’ brand in tandem with its turnaround expansion programme, “Back To Black” that was launched in February 2020.

“Since my appointment to helm the company a year ago, one of the biggest tasks entrusted to me is to remedy the company’s financials and regularise its PN17 status. With the shift in business needs and to enable to remain competitive, it is timely for us to explore other avenues in order to capture the market share,” he explained.

Some of the company’s initiatives to regularise its financial condition includes:

  • Disposal of land at the purchase consideration of RM19.4 mil
  • Expansion strategy to boost B2C sales
  • Several cost optimisation and sales strategies

Through these initiatives, the company managed to register a decreased net loss of RM1 mil per month compared to its previous average of RM2 mil per month during its previous financial year. – Feb 05, 2021

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