Fundaztic launches Go-Green Financing Programme on buySolar platform

OPENSYS Technologies Sdn Bhd has collaborated with Peoplender Sdn Bhd (the market operator of peer-to-peer (P2P) financing platform Fundaztic) to become the first P2P financier on OpenSys Technologies’ buySolar platform.

Fundaztic will be offering a total of RM5 mil in financing to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who wish to go solar with ease and confidence.

This would be Fundaztic’s first Go-Green initiative as a financing partner to strengthen its commitment to mitigate the impact of global warming and encourage more businesses to adopt eco-friendly and sustainable approaches to safeguard the environment.

The financing scheme will be available to all SME customers of buySolar who are looking for funding to purchase solar systems costing up to RM200,000 per SME.

The funding will cover the system cost, NEM meter cost, installation and other related professional/installation cost.

Calvin Foo

Fundaztic, which is a Recognised Market Operator registered by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), will raise funds for the collateral-free term financing of up to 90% of the final quotation amount using its online P2P platform.

Successful buySolar customers will then make monthly repayments with interest to participating investors through Fundaztic until the end of their financing tenure.

Fundaztic CEO Calvin Foo said the partnership was in line with the platform’s initiative to support the sustainable energy industry and eco-friendly solutions that reduces carbon footprint and minimise the impact of climate change.

“With the ongoing global warming, it is best that we provide our support to platforms like buySolar which offers sustainable solutions that has a positive impact towards our future,” he said.

“This partnership with buySolar will not only further extend our initiative towards the sustainable energy industry but also raise awareness for Malaysian SMEs on the benefits for the environment while saving energy costs in the long-term.

“Additionally, this collaboration with buySolar can be the first step towards creating awareness for ESG investments among the Malaysian people.”

buySolar is a one-stop online marketplace, offering end-to-end solar installation services from online application, cost estimation, financing to after-sales services.

Luke Sebastian

The buySolar platform is supported by Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA) and buySolar currently has 16 reputable industry players on board that offers wide selection of systems and on demand convenience.

OpenSys Technologies chief operating officer Luke Sebastian said that the company has received encouraging response from businesses to adopt rooftop solar PV systems for their numerous benefits such as cost saving, greater return of investment (ROI) and sustainability.

“With buySolar collaborating with Fundaztic on our platform we would be able to offer various financing options that can be adapted to SMEs differing requirements and budgets,” he remarked.

“Our goal is to continue making buySolar a more vibrant platform, with a selection of service providers, financiers and insurance for solar panel and solar-related services in Malaysia, thereby pursuing the nation’s goal of achieving 20% renewable energy target by 2025.” – Sept 14, 2021.

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