Gaza-based Malaysian slams netizens for wanting her to post “sound of bombing”

AMIDST all the talk of showing solidarity with Palestine in the ongoing conflict with Israel, it seems some Malaysians are just completely desensitised to the gravity of the situation.

Here is a conflict that is threatening to escalate and destabilise the entire West Bank region – not to mention the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding in Gaza – there are Malaysians who seemingly think the bombardment of Gaza is some sort of fireworks display.

Such callous attitude came to light when a video was posted on X (formerly Twitter) by Dr Nurul Ain Latif, a Kelatanese lass who is now based in Gaza after tying the knot with a Palestinian.

In the video, Dr Nurul berated Malaysians for contacting her with requests to hear the sound of bombs!


The mind boggles at what sort of Malaysians think that the sound of bombs is there for their entertainment or that a person who is under heavy fire would have the time to record the bombardment for their listening pleasure.

Dr Nurul made it quite clear by stating that the situation was serious and not some trivial matter for them to share on social media.

Ini bukan main-main.” (This is no laughing matter),” she hit out.

She reminded Malaysians to be grateful that they live in a peaceful country and not take it for granted.

Well said, Dr Nurul!

The toy soldiers who act out war games here would well to heed the words of a person caught in the crossfire.

Godspeed, Dr Nurul and may you and your family emerge safely from this crisis. – Oct 20, 2023

Main pic credit: NBC News

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