GE15: The devil works hard, but airlines work harder

MANY are already planning their route back to vote in anticipation of the 15th General Election (GE15) which will be held on Nov 19.

Where most are travelling back to their respective voting state by car, Borneons have always been the unlucky ones to be travelling back by air.

As of late, AirAsia has been the talk of the town for its quite controversial reputation.

Amid the news, an unfortunate Borneon girl expressed her dissatisfaction towards the airline in twitterverse.

User @IcedNyior shared that while she was about to proceed with payment for her flight tickets back to Kuching from Johor through AirAsia for the upcoming GE15, the website experienced a sudden crash which displayed ‘Error 999’.

Moreover, when she re-attempted to purchase the flight tickets, the return ticket fare price surged up to RM730 from RM360 which left her in disdain.

According to user @IcedNyior, the price hike is unnecessary and ‘tak masuk akal’ (doesn’t make sense.

Meanwhile, user @DanbeGunners said:

User @emmadump08 added:

(If anyone complains why we’re not voting, just hit back at them. If those who are working are also struggling, what more students with no source of income. They probably think that money falls from the sky.)

While there were many unhappy and dissatisfied comments, some were even humourous about it asking if the Sarawak state Government will sponsor flight tickets for voters to return home to vote.

 These are some of the sentiments shared by average Malaysians on their respective social media platforms. Such complaints are valid as many are concerned about the state of affairs in Malaysia and are all prepared to cast their votes come GE15 in order to see some changes in Government and politics.

Hence, airline companies should make ticket prices affordable during such times, where every vote counts, by skyrocketing ticket prices at a time like this will result in low voter turnout.

Furthermore, it is a surprise that Malaysia Airlines’ (MAS) return ticket price is way cheaper at RM418.26 when AirAsia is supposed to be a “low cost airline”.

Bandar Kuching MP Kelvin Yii raised his concerns:




Main photo credit:  Thai AirAsia X Official Facebook

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