Gegar makes its presence felt by “spoiling the mood” of Americans enjoying US Independence Day feast at KLCC hotel

GEGAR Amerika has earned hats off from anti-Israeli fans when it gate-crashed a purportedly US National Independence Day dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Suria KLCC last night (June 10).

Armed with a loudspeaker, a representative of the anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist youth movement boldly walked up the staircase to the function room hurling insults such as “shame on you” at the US for the murder of Palestinian women and children before being manhandled away by security officials.

“While millions in Gaza are starving, the (US) government is wining and dining with the genociders dropping bombs on Gaza,” lambasted Gegar Amerika in a post on the X (previously Twitter) platform.

“There is no business as usual as long as the US continues to sponsor the genocide in Gaza. Since October 7 (last year), the US gave at least US$12.5 bil in military aid to kill Palestinians in Gaza.

“The US used the ‘humanitarian’ pier in Gaza to massacre hundreds in Nuseirat.”

Aside from the US, Malaysia also has its fair share of ‘shelling’ from the movement which prides itself as an initiative by Malaysians of conscience to condemn US imperialism and international aggression across the Global South with its current focus being on the liberation of Palestine.

“While Gaza is massacred, the Royal Malaysian Navy is training alongside US and Israel in the biannual RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific) 2024 exercise in June,” berated Gegar Malaysia.

“The Malaysian government (further0 signed a US$80 mil contract with Lockheed and Boeing who are profiting from genocide in Gaza.”

One wonders whether peace loving Malaysians will condone the action of Gegar Malaysia which has its roots in the boycotting of American/Jewish-owned brands or if the Malaysian authorities will deem such action as merely a form of “peaceful assembly”, hence can be tolerated or will not be clamped down.

At any rate, does such freedom of expression in any way breach the 3R (race, religion and royalty) benchmark set championed by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)? – June 11, 2024

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