Giant speed bump more suited for tanks in a Terengganu ‘kampung’ road enrages many road users

A SPEED bump that appears to have been designed to stop tanks instead of normal vehicles has gotten plenty of attention on X (formerly Twitter).

The image was shared by former Top Gear chief editor Hezeri Samuri (@HezeriSamuri) who exclaimed that it was simply too large. He surmised that the monstrous structure was probably erected by irate residents fed up with vehicles speeding in front of their homes.

The poster later claimed this monstrosity was in the East Coast state of Terengganu.

One netizen remarked that this was no speed bump but a “man-made speed mountain”.

Some netizens pointed out that such structures posed a danger to road users with one claiming that a similar oversized speed bump had led to a fatal accident in Kelantan.

One said that this bump seems designed to kill rather than just slow down vehicles.

With the poster adding that the lack of warning signs also contributed to the danger.

One netizen empathised with owners of lowered cars.

Another groused about the lack of thought in the erection of this speed bump.

Another queried whether such structures were even legal. The poster confirmed that it wasn’t but the prevalence of apps such as Waze re-directing traffic through residential roads has led to this phenomenon.

Fed up, residents are taking matters into their own hands to deal with the increased traffic at their front doors.

There are few things that this post highlights.

Firstly, the size of the speed bump is a clear indication that many are ignoring the speed limit on that particular stretch of road. It is hard to think anyone going through the trouble of erecting such a massive speed bump purely for their own amusement.

Secondly, this is a public road and only civil authorities such as Works Department a.k.a. JKR can carry out such work. Can road users file a complaint and have this giant speed bump removed?

Thirdly, is there a process for citizens to appeal to the relevant authorities to erect speed bumps on certain roads?

By making this process public, it may well avoid the erection of such super-stricture which while useful to some, could endanger the lives of non-suspecting road users. – June 24, 2024

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