Give Malaysian Civil Defence Force the respect and honour they deserve

By Yeap Ming Liong


THE Malaysian Civil Defence Force celebrates its 69th anniversary today. It is truly a special day for all civil defence personnel across Malaysia.

The entire force is buzzing with activities and preparations leading up to the big day. Officers to rank and file personnel are doing their best to make today’s event at the Civil Defence Headquarters in Selangor a success.

They do all these and so much more without any complaints whilst balancing their duty to the nation. 

However, it is quite regrettable that some individuals are oblivious to the fact that Malaysia even has its own Civil Defence Force. I am also quite shocked to know that the majority of the young and working adults I come across do not know the existence of the force even though it has been around for almost seven decades.

The Malaysian Civil Defence force among others carry out disaster management, perform humanitarian services, instruct the civilian population regarding civil defence and to train them for civil defence purposes.

They even have their own special disaster and emergency response team known as the SPIDER team, which specialises in Search and Rescue (SAR).

Hence, I ask the public to show my brothers and sisters in the Civil Defence force morale support. Stand in solidarity with them.

These officers and personnel are really giving their best to Malaysia. They work alongside all other frontliners to keep us safe not only during the COVID-19 pandemic but also during pre-pandemic times.

Their actions of serving the nation speaks volume of how they place nation before self. In any emergency or disasters, the Civil Defence Force are among the first to respond and react. Please give them the respect and honour they deserve.

Happy 69th Anniversary to the Malaysian Civil Defence Force! – March 24, 2021


Yeap Ming Liong is an associate captain (Malaysian Civil Defence Force).

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.


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