Good move by MOE to address Form 6 college admission conundrums

Letter to Editor

I would like to say a personal thank you to the Education Minister for the ministry’s recent decision to allow Form 6 college principals to give direct offers to students to continue their studies.

My son was among those in the previous years who could not make it into Form 6 though the principal of his school at that time did everything in his power to help.

There are truly many deserving students who want to further their studies after Form 5 but are simply unable to do so.

This is because they could not successfully secure an offer from the ministry and could not afford the high cost of private education.

Fortunately for my son, he managed to secure a scholarship from a private college and went on to do his A-Levels.

If not for that, I doubt my son would have been able to continue his studies as we are unable to afford it.

With this recent announcement by Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek, I am sure many less fortunate students will not have the opportunity for a brighter future.

There are many bright students out there who want to continue studying after their Form 5, but are simply unable to afford it and instead end up in the working world.

I believe a large part of why almost 25,000 SPM candidates did not sit for their exams last year was due to family commitments and financial-related issues.

I hope there will be more forward-thinking decisions like these from the minister to provide greater opportunities for our children towards a better future. – July 24, 2023


Alex Chung
Sungai Buloh

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Main pic credit: New Straits Times

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