Govt to bar Israeli shipping company from docking at Malaysian ports

THE government has decided to bar vessels from Israeli-based shipping company ZIM from docking at any Malaysian port.

According to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the Transport Ministry would take immediate action by imposing a permanent ban on the company, which is effective immediately.

“These restrictions are a response to Israel’s actions that disregard basic humanitarian principles and violate international law through continuous massacres and atrocities against Palestinians,” he said in a statement on Wednesday (Dec 20).

For the record, the cabinet in 2002 had begun allowing vessels owned by the shipping company in question to dock in Malaysia and in 2005 the then cabinet gave permission for the vessels to dock in the country.

“However, the government has today decided to rescindall previous cabinet decisions (relating to the matter). At the same time, the Malaysian government has decided to no longer allow any vessels flying the Israeli flag to dock in the country.

“Malaysia is also imposing a ban on any vessels on its way to Israel from loading their cargo at Malaysian ports. Both these restrictions are effective immediately,” Anwar said, adding that he is confident the decision will not affect Malaysia’s trade activities. – Dec 20, 2023


Main pic credit: The Straits Times

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