Graphjet partners Benchmark Week 2023 ‘to accelerate’ development of green battery materials

GRAPHJET Technology Sdn Bhd, the world’s first and only green graphite producer and a home-grown pioneering leader in sustainable materials technology, has made an ‘invaluable investment’ by having sponsored the esteemed Benchmark Week 2023 hosted by Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, the leading source of independent information for the lithium-ion battery supply chain and energy transition sector.

Held at The Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles from Nov 14-16, the event marked a pivotal convergence of experts in the lithium-ion battery supply chain and the broader energy transition sector.

The high-level conference – with more than 600 leading industry experts and investors in attendance – featured former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nobel Laureate and father of lithium-ion battery, Prof M. Stanley Whittingham,

Graphjet  which is renowned for its ground-breaking initiative that transforms biomass waste into high-quality graphite and graphene currently stands at the forefront of sustainable advancements.

As the first and only company to achieve this feat, Graphjet’s participation in Benchmark Week 2023 underscores its commitment to eco-friendly innovation and the global lithium battery supply chain.

“We at Graphjet are excited to be part of Benchmark Week 2023 to showcase our unique technology that aligns perfectly with this year’s focus on sustainability in the lithium battery supply chain,” Graphjet’s CEO and founder Aiden Lee Ping Wei pointed out.

Graphjet Technology Sdn Bhd CEO and founder Aiden Lee Ping Wei (left) with Nobel Laureate Prof M. Stanley Whittingham who is a key figure in the development of lithium-ion batteries

“Our process is not just about creating superior products; it’s about setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the industry.”

According to Lee, Graphjet’s unique process of converting biomass waste into graphite and graphene not only offers a sustainable alternative to traditional methods but also significantly impacts the global lithium battery supply chain.

By providing eco-friendly materials essential for battery production, Graphjet is actively contributing to a greener future.

Aside from that, Lee regarded Benchmark Week 2023 as “a hub of insightful discussions and expert presentations focusing on various aspects of clean energy supply chains”.

“The Benchmark Week 2023 event has been a platform for transformative ideas and innovations. Having Graphjet as a sponsor and participant with its unique biomass-to-graphite technology reinforces our commitment to promoting sustainable practices in the energy sector,” noted Benchmark Mineral Intelligence in a statement.

Among others, Benchmark Week 2023 featured an array of in-depth expert presentations and discussions. One of the event highlights was an inspiring talk by Schwarzenegger who recently received a prestigious award for his lifetime achievements in sustainable energy initiatives.

Aside from that, Prof Whittingham who is a key figure in the development of lithium-ion batteries graced the event with his invaluable insights and expertise. Graphite and graphene are pivotal materials in the evolution of energy technologies, particularly in the realm of lithium-ion batteries,” he noted. – Nov 29, 2023

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