Graphjet Tech underscores the role of innovation in achieving sustainability goals

HOME-GROWN Graphjet Technology, a pioneer in sustainable green graphite technology, had an impactful participation in the prestigious Future Minerals Forum 2024 held in Riyadh from Jan 9 to 11.

A globally recognised gathering of government ministers, industry leaders and investors, the forum discussed the future of critical minerals and sustainability while addressing the theme of “Creating Resilient and Responsible Mineral Value Chains In Africa, Western And Central Asia”.

Graphjet Technology CEO and co-founder Aiden Lee Ping Wei made a significant contribution during a high-level panel discussion moderated by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDEA) head and director of global economic monitoring Dr Hamid Rashid.

Focusing particularly on environmental sustainability, Lee emphasised the transformative impact of innovative solutions, underlining the crucial intersection of technological advancement and ecological responsibility within the critical mineral supply chain.

His vision on sustainability and circular economy solutions resonated with the forum’s focus on sustainability reframe and sustainability development goals (SDGs) redesign.

Renowned for its groundbreaking initiative that transforms biomass waste into high-quality graphite and graphene, Graphjet Technology stands at the forefront of technological breakthroughs in producing green battery materials.

As the first and only producer of green graphite, the company’s innovative approach addresses the growing demand for critical minerals like graphite which is essential for the battery industry and significantly reduces carbon footprint by repurposing waste materials.

During the panel discussions, Lee highlighted the importance of collaboration and thinking outside the box to tackle global challenges.

“As the world gravitates towards sustainability and net-zero ambitions, it is crucial for us to explore innovative methods that complement traditional mining practices,” explained Lee.

“Our process of converting biomass waste into critical minerals exemplifies a sustainable and circular approach to mining, contributing to a greener supply chain and reducing our carbon footprint.”

Added Lee: “We’re solving one issue while averting the creation of another, larger problem. This approach directly addresses concerns like the impurity of graphite and the risk of car self-incineration due to battery inefficiency.”

In essence, Graphjet Technology’s participation at the forum underscores its commitment to creating an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable supply chain for battery materials.

The company’s work aligns with the United Nation’s SDG and is a testament to its dedication to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.

A believer in global collaboration, Graphjet Technology has announced its readiness to share technology and knowledge through joint venture methods with interested parties and industry players worldwide.

This initiative aims to foster collaboration for creating a green ecosystem, underlining the company’s dedication to a green circular economy and a sustainable future for the mining industry. – Jan 16, 2024

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