Great review of the new MRT Putrajaya line with pros and cons

AMID the excitement and anticipation surrounding the opening of the new MRT line, many eagerly await their first ride on the new trains. Half a decade ago, Malaysia’s first MRT line opened to similar fanfare, and the Putrajaya line is no exception.Operating between Kwasa Damansara and Putrajaya Sentral, the train features stations near KLCC and Titiwangsa. Some initially questioned the absence of KL Sentral on the new MRT line, but interchanges between the two MRT lines will occur at TRX and Kwasa Damansara.

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According to Rail Journal, this marvel cost RM30.5 bil to construct, spans 57.7km, and features rolling stock built by Bombardier. Traveling from one end to the other takes approximately 1 hour and 24 minutes, marking the first mass transit line directed towards Putrajaya.

A netizen on Twitter depicts her journey to work using the new MRT line. She stated that she lives in Cyberjaya and works in Damansara Heights. To those that know, the distance between the two areas is rather large.She explains that she would have to change trains from the Putrajaya line to the Kajang line to complete her journey. The total journey takes her over an hour. She listed the pros, such as that it is jam-free, the trains arrive quickly during rush hour, and it is easy to interchange to the other line.However, she listed out the cons, and the primary one is that the parking lot at the station of her departure appears to be quite limited. She adds that the journey time is not that much different when compared to driving and that the infrastructure at her arrival station is “dangerous.”Twitter user Ramadhan @ramzdhanmasdar stated:

Another netizen by the username @yiboiiii stated:

Some Twitter users embrace the idea of taking the MRT to work every day due to its convenience. Unfortunately, this specific person has a lot of meetings to attend daily, which requires her to physically drive from one place to another. Thus, it would be considered inconvenient to constantly take the train a few times a day.

Meanwhile @ladysangdiva said: — March 19, 2023

Main photo credit: The Star

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