Gua Musang MP to sue Bersatu information chief over allegations of bribery

GUA Musang MP Mohd Azizi Abu Naim has announced his intention to take legal action against Bersatu information chief Datuk Razali Idris following allegations that he received inducements in exchange for declaring support for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Azizi vehemently denied the accusations, labelling them as slander and asserting that he had not been offered any form of consideration.

“This is wrong and is the worst slander. I will file summons against him (Razali) for accusing me of receiving a bribe,” Malaysiakini quoted him as saying.

The controversy arose on Nov 11 when Razali claimed that there were elements of graft involved in inducing four Bersatu MPs, including Azizi, to declare support for Anwar.

The other three MPs implicated in the allegations are Kuala Kangsar MP Iskandar Dzulkarnain Abdul Khalid, Labuan MP Suhaili Abdul Rahman and Jeli MP Zahari Kechik.

Moreover, Razali suggested that the party was considering legal action including lodging a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

Kelantan Bersatu chairperson Kamarudin Md Nor expressed shock at Azizi’s decision to support Anwar while Kelantan Bersatu information chief Bahari Mohamad Nor claimed that Azizi had confided in him about a political broker offering generous monetary incentives and other benefits to opposition MPs declaring support for Anwar.

Furthermore, Azizi vehemently denied this claim, stating that his words had been twisted and would address the accusations in a forthcoming statement.

“The state chairperson has twisted my words. I’ve said something else, but they made a different interpretation.”

Bersatu president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on Nov 10 announced the party’s intention to lodge reports with the police and the MACC regarding alleged graft and blackmail aimed at inducing its MPs to support Anwar. He asserted that the party had gathered evidence to support these allegations.

Bersatu Youth chief Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal later claimed that two individuals, namely a certain “Datuk Botak” and Anwar’s former political secretary Farhash Wafa Salvador were responsible for enticing opposition MPs.

In response, Farhash labeled the allegation as malicious slander and announced his intention to take legal action against Wan Fayhsal. – Nov 15, 2023

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