Hadi pays tribute to PAS’ young blood for they make the party ‘winnable’

ONE wonders if PAS president Tan Sri Hadi Awang (with due respect) is shooting himself in the foot by rallying the party’s young recruits in its “green wave’ squad while ‘demonising’ elderly scholars for misleading the youngsters towards the path of destruction.

Probably the septuagenarian (75 years old) thinks that he is an exception rather than the norm given that he is a gifted Islamic scholar who live on a higher plane compared to peers of his generation who pursue a mundane lifestyle.

“There are those who are old and look down on the young because they think they are more experienced despite the fact that they are ignorant and arrogant,” observed the Marang MP in its latest Facebook post. “They are like Iblis (Satan) who do not deserve the guidance of Allah SWT despite the strength and length of their worship.”

Translation: Don’t undermine the capabilities of youths/youngsters

Citing relevant Quranic verses, Hadi went on to showcase some exemplary youngsters who had “gathered physical strength and intellectual maturity to play a big role in human life by making changes to the history of a nation”.

“The Prophet SAW once appointed a young friend, Usaid bin Hudhair RA, to be the wali (custodian/protector) of Makkah and the young Usamah bin Zaid RA to be an army commander. Caliph Umar RA even appointed young Abdullah bin Abbas RA to be a member of his shura (consultative council),” related Hadi.

“Although young people are targeted by all parties, especially by the enemies of Islam who want to destroy them, Islam still praises their role and obligates knowledge and education specifically for them.”

Referring to the “green wave” which witnesses a revival of Muslim Malay youth as evident in the recent 15th General Election (GE15), Hadi praised “the truth of the Quran when young people who are considered raw were able to create a victory for the voice of Islam”.

“They even went to the extent of rejecting all material rewards as well as strong deceptive slogans supposedly against corruption and misbehaviour with great propaganda,” observed Hadi.

“At that time, the support of professors and scholars who were clearly knowledgeable but had little brains was exposed as they attempted to seduce the young minds for their own cause. This came amid a battalion of sophisticated social media which transcended borders and laced with old and new false promises that were unfulfilled.”

Such was the situation during the GE14 and GE15 which led to Malay Muslim youths rejecting both the Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Harapan (PH), according to Hadi

“This is so much so that PH’s had to rely on non-Muslim votes for their seat achievement while BN depends on the elderly (leaders and scholars) who had supposedly tasted too much salt,” he claimed.

“The most important thing is when young people receive the guidance of Allah SWT to fulfill their obligation to vote, it becomes a fardu ‘ain jihad (struggle to perform obligatory acts mandatory for Muslims, including prayer, charity, fasting and pilgrimage) as opposed to merely fardu kifayah (commitments to Islam per se) given that Islam and its disciples are threatened.”

As for the establishment of the post-election unity government, Hadi described it as one that is “out of the nature of real democracy and more of a real fraud by gathering all groups of fraudsters, crooks and opportunists”. – Jan 6, 2023

Pic credits: Tan Sri Hadi Awang’s Facebook

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