Hadi wants UMNO to quickly ‘repent’ before its DAP embrace hurts Malays, Muslims

HISTORY has proven that PAS had on numerous occasions extended a helping hand to UMNO, hence the claim that the Islamist party will “kill” UMNO if it insisted to forge cooperation with DAP is untrue and nonsensical.

Even so, PAS president Tan Sri Hadi Awang warned UMNO that its game plan of choosing to cooperate with DAP and its allies will backfire and harm the Malays and Muslims in the long run.

“In the 1950s when UMNO won the election in Singapore, (ex-premier the late) Lee Kuan Yew established the PAP (People’s Action party) by roping in the Malays who were put in the front like how the Malays are put in the front now,” the Perikatan Nasional (PN) deputy chairman penned in a lengthy Facebook post.

“In the past, Yusof Ishak and other Malay ministers were put in front but eventually, UMNO was completely swallowed up in Singapore by the PAP.”

Added Hadi: “PAP then entered Peninsular Malaysia but the party’s branch was changed to DAP (which was based on PAP’s struggle) when a decision was reached to remove Singapore from Malaysia.”

Although PAS had previously cooperated with DAP and its allies, the Marang MP said both parties eventually parted ways because DAP was clearly opposed to the Islamic struggle brought by PAS.

“Among others, DAP opposed and criticised PAS’ efforts to ban alcohol for Muslims in this country even though non-Muslims are spared. Additionally, DAP also strongly opposed to the implementation of sharia law in states controlled by PAS even though such law only applies to Muslims.”

As to whether there was hypocrisy on PAS having swiftly demonised DAP when both were formidable partners especially during the Pakatan Rakyat heydays in anticipation of the 13th General Election (GE13), Hadi justified as follows:

“In the past, we were friends with DAP based on the concept of tahaluf siyasi (cooperation without a specific period of time) which allowed us to oppose tyranny and distortions on the basis of common ground.

“However, DAP does not respect the concept of differences when they oppose Islam as well as PAS’ policies and struggles. In fact, they openly defend apostate Muslims.

“Islam forbids its people from being berwala’ (loyal) until they are willing to sell their faith and dignity to their enemies or become a threat to the religion and the people.”

To cut a long story short, Hadi reminded UMNO that “PAS is not pretending to teach ducks which are already good swimmers but is responsible to rescue ducks that are being driven away by their masters who only want to slaughter them without having to breed them any further”.

“PAS from the very beginning had invited UMNO to join the authentic Muafakat Nasional (MN) coalition which boasts the largest Muslim Malay and Bumiputera parties of UMNO, PAS and BERSATU, which could then merge with other non-extreme parties under the PN banner,” shared Hadi.

“However, the so-called UMNO established leadership greedily refused because of its wrong prediction that the party could win big or at least able to gain a small majority on its own without collaboration with other parties.” – Jan 1, 2023

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