Hamzah: Should I use my files on government leaders or not?

OPPOSITION leader Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin today said he is thinking about whether he wants to use several files that he has on government leaders, or not.

In the same breath, he reminded the government not to find fault with the opposition too often since as a former home minister, he can also find fault with the current government leaders.

He did not elaborate on what types of files he has in store or where he procured them. But he insisted that he also had many ‘files’ of government leaders, but he had not decided to use them.

Nevertheless, Twitter users are urging him to expose the files.

User @Nasarulfikri wrote:

In English, the user is saying, “Just use it. I don’t care about the government or the opposition, if it’s wrong, everyone has to go inside.”

While user @solerohijau questioned the PN leader:

“Who told you to do wrong! Your leaders were given a mandate, every mistake must be exposed!!!”

Moreover, user @Elise_JeTaime questioned how the ex-minister could keep files that he was supposed to return when he left office.

Meanwhile, the Larut MP also criticised the government’s actions in ‘targeting the PN’ with accusations related to political funds.

“Anyone can donate to a party if they believe in the party’s cause and struggle. So, if you (the government) harass us, then we consider it as political persecution.

“Don’t just find fault with us, I can also find fault with them in the government.

“I am the (former) Home Minister and I also have many files, but I am still thinking if I need to use them,” The Star reported him as saying in a special interview. — March 12, 2023

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