‘Haram’ to cuddle teddy bear? PAS Youth urges non-Muslim media not to sensationalise issues that undermine Islamic faith

PAS Youth has appealed to non-Muslims not to interfere in matters outside their faiths so as to respect each other’s faith and belief system in a multi-cultural and multi-religious surrounding.

In so doing, the wing has uploaded a short video clip on its Facebook page with an unknown Chinese influencer explaining in Mandarin why non-Muslims should refrain from posting comments which put Islam in bad light in view of their ignorance about the religion.

Apparently, the influencer called out Chinese daily China Press for sensationalising the “teddy bear” issue for the sake of page views with a post that poked fun at renowned Muslim preacher Ustaz Azhar Idrus who warned parents against letting young children sleep with dolls and teddy bears as he deemed such action as haram (prohibited by Islam).

“Why if you guys are non-believer in Islam, never accept that no other God is to be worshipped except Allah or don’t believe in Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah yet you guys want to interfere in matters pertaining to Islamic principle and jurisprudence?” he asked.

“Now I’ve three questions to pose which are (i) Why isn’t the China Press social media page post about what is Islam; (ii) share about who is Allah or (iii) share who is actually Prophet Muhammad?”

Commenting on the video clip, PAS Youth national unity bureau chairman Dr Firdaus Azim lamented that it is unbecoming for the media to manipulate the principle and jurisprudence in Islam when they obviously do not understand the basis of the Islamic jurisprudence in the first place.

“We are very certain that each and every Malaysian wishes for the peace and harmony we are living in now, must be maintained and continued to be improved from time to time,” he pointed out in a text that accompanied the video clip.

“Please listen to this Chinese brother’s explanation on the issue of teddy bear and we hope not to see anymore interference to the Islamic jurisprudence from those not subscribing to the Islamic faith. Please.” – Jan 15, 2024

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