“Have gullible Malaysians just elected another pack of deceitful wolves into power?” wonders Siti Kasim

A CARICATURE on lawyer and social activist Siti Kasim’s Facebook page seems to have struck a deep chord with Malaysians.

The illustration depicts a carnivorous wolf telling an audience of sheep that he is prepared to be an herbivore if he is elected as their supreme leader which in human terms simply imply that the local electorate has swallowed similar sweet nothings from self-serving politicians.

The post has generated 2,600 likes and 240 shares at time of writing with scores of comments (333 in total) underlining the current sentiment of many Malaysians.

Here is a sample of what is being said.

One netizen summed up what many are feeling by stating that while the electorate wields the power of the ballot box, the problem is that there are no viable alternatives with the opposition just as bad if not worse than the ruling administration.

Quite a few were obviously disheartened by the Madani government’s promises to be different from previous administrations. Instead, the same old modus operandi is seemingly in place with scant regard for democratic principles such as the rule of law.

More than one netizen pointedly brought up the issue of petroleum subsidies given that diesel fuel prices is now a hot topic.

With one quoting then PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail post from 2014 on that very issue whereby she stated that the removal of diesel subsidies was “irresponsible” and a “burden to the rakyat”. How convenient that those words have now been forgotten.


Another claimed that issues of transparency and integrity have gone out the window with numerous dubious contract and tender awards. That “nepotism is rampant” is the clear message here.

A few summed up the feeling of hopelessness as during each election, Malaysians fall for the latest round of promises despite clinging on the hope to be saved from the malaise that plague whichever administration is in power.

Some called on fellow citizens to show their displeasure by boycotting ceramah and political rallies at the next election while contending that these politicians need to be reminded who put them in power.

While another suggested not allowing any politician or party to stay in office beyond two terms, thus denying them the handsome pensions.

One netizen quite rightly pointed out the root cause of the problem is that MPs and state assemblymen are subservient to their political parties rather than the rakyat.

The post highlights the general unhappiness with complaints and grouses a-plenty. However, real workable solutions remain few and far between.

The lack of alternatives has left many Malaysians feeling lost and hopeless with the recent diesel fuel price spike exacerbating matters.

With it surely to have a impact on cost-of-living issues, it remains to be seen just how politicians will deal with the rising resentment and whether the rakyat will swallow the latest round of “promises”. – June 11, 2024

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