HCK Credit & Leasing provides bridging loans for HCK Properties’ buyers

HCK Credit and Leasing Sdn Bhd, a real estate management and money lending services platform under the HCK Capital Group, has inked a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with HCK Properties Sdn Bhd, to provide loans exclusively for the latter’s homebuyers.

The company has a money lending license which facilitated HCK Group’s XF 1.0 and XF 2.0 financial bridging initiatives with XF 1.0 having been rolled out in September 2019 and XF 2.0 running from April till December this year.

Both financial bridging programmes are targetted to assist homebuyers who are unable to acquire sufficient loan from banks to pay for their property.

With HCK Credit and Leasing stepping in to fund buyers, this further opens up opportunities for more buyers to invest in or purchase properties from HCK Properties. With XF 2.0, buyers need only to obtain up to 70% loan from any financial institutions with the remaining 30% provided by XF 2.0.

Buyers do not have to pay the 30% loan instalment from HCK Credit and Leasing until they sell off their property within the following five years, thus easing their financial burden by leaps and bounds.

Moreover, HCK Credit and Leasing will also be providing extra service to buyers via the HCK 4EVA initiative. Through this initiative, HCK Properties will be offering buyers extra financing where buyers are entitled to interest-free payment for their down payment instalments for up to 60 months.

On the long-term, purchasers can look forward to a thorough value guarantee where they can easily secure their property value.

As a type of promise given by a guarantor to be responsible for the borrower in the case of payment default to the lender or investor, having value guarantee is an essential factor for the buyer.

And last but not least, selected properties come with attractive furnishing which would complement the buyer’s investment in it.

Not only does it give an extra edge to one’s dream home, it also creates the perfect ambience and comfort one would look for in a home.

Unlike other property developers who are unable to provide an ideal loan margin solution, HCK Credit and Leasing is on top of the game by being able to offer exclusively the ultimate loan bridging facility to HCK Properties’ buyers.

For more information, kindly contact Wendy Cheow at 03 7968 8668 or e-mail [email protected] – Sept 30, 2021

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