HCK rewards deserving staff and agents via incentive programme

HCK Capital Group (HCK) has always prided itself in thinking outside the box. This extends to the way it rewards deserving staff and real estate agents who meet their KPIs in selling HCK properties. 

As a means to recognise, reward, monetise and incentivise relevant stakeholders, there is the Titanium Circle programme. 

A great example of staff reaping the rewards of the Titanium Roundtable scheme is Benny Mooi. Attached to the Sales and Marketing team, the highly motivated individual had once again surpassed his sales target and was rewarded with a RM30,000 car bonus incentive.  

The young sales star also received a similar award last year, enabling him to purchase his dream car. He has yet to decide how best to use his latest reward. 

Mooi acknowledged that the Titanium Circle scheme is a great motivator for staff to achieve their KPIs.  

“I am glad and many thanks to HCK to have such a good programme to staff to motivate everyone to have a chance to do sales. I would like to take this opportunity to many thanks to Miss Wendy Cheow, Datuk Joseph Hii, Datuk Dr Dennis Ling and management, without their guidance and support, the award is not meaningful to me. Hopeful lucky stars will still be with me to give me positive energy to move forward for 2024,” he said. 

He also believed that HCK’s reputation as a reliable and trustworthy developer helps in his sales endeavours. 

“Potential buyers know that HCK is a reputable company and will deliver on its promises,” he stated. “This makes our job much easier when there is consumer confidence in the brand.” 

HCK firmly believes in the equitable sharing of its profits highlighting its philosophy that ‘your success is our success’. Aside from the Roundtable programme, there are the Titanium Edge and Circle programmes designed to encourage brand loyalty as well as word-of-mouth recommendations. 

To find out more about the Titanium programmes, please go to: https://smartasset.my/  – April 21, 2024

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