HCK Tower, a vertical mixed-use building in a great location

HCK Tower is the latest business icon in the strategically located Empire City development in Damansara Perdana. Its appeal lies in it being a vertical mixed-use building in a thriving locale. But what is a vertical mixed-use building?

According to Iskalo Development, a vertical mixed-use development allows for a combination of different uses within the same building. Typically, the lower floors contain commercial businesses while the upper floors are reserved for private uses.

For example, the ground level may contain a retail store while the middle floors contain professional offices. The upper floors then host apartment units or hotel rooms.

Vertical mixed-use developments are generally most successful when positioned around a central public space. HCK Tower is a 42-level structure that fits the definition above. It offers two main products:

Premier Corporate Offices

Potential tenants have the flexibility to choose the layout that best suits their business needs. With floor sizes ranging from just over 1,000sq ft to over 3,000sq ft, there is space suited for smaller enterprises to whole floors to accommodate multinational conglomerates.

Platinum Premium Suites

The lifestyle component is called Platinum Premium Suites and is designed to offer privacy, convenience and comfort to the corporate executive on the move.

Featuring plush furnishings to make the business traveller feel at home, the premium lifestyle units are expected to be competitively priced. Note that these will occupy the fifth to 25th floors of HCK Tower.

Tenants and visitors will also be privy to great shopping and entertainment options as HCK Tower sits atop a shopping podium with over 2.5 million sq ft of retail space.

There will also be 9,000 parking bays for added convenience. For more information, visit https://www.hcktower.com/. – Jan 2, 2024


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