Health Minister accused of failure and of being anti-reformist

THE Facebook page of the Health Ministry (MOH)  is getting a lot of attention, with users attacking the Health Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa for her perceived failure to solve the problems regarding contract health workers.

Posting a circular citing the Public Services director-general  dated June 30, 2011, MOH’s post wanted to remind health workers of their commitment to the establishment and that participation in rallies or strikes was prohibited.

Dr Zaliha Mustafa

But the response from users is not in favour of the ministry or the minister appointed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Last week, a group of government doctors said they were planning a three-day strike from April 3 to 5 and warned the public of longer waiting times at government hospitals and clinics on those dates.

On the Mogok Doktor Malaysia Instagram page, the group claimed more than 8,000 contract doctors would be going on strike to protest “unfair systems” and “low wages”.

“Dear Malaysians, do not visit any general hospitals or klinik kesihatan from April 3 to 5, 2023, as more than 8,000 contract doctors will go on strike by taking medical or emergency leave as a protest against the unfair system and low wages.

“Your waiting time is expected to be much longer than usual. Thank you. #MogokDoktorKontrak,” an Intagram post on the account said.

User Fais Al-Hajari made a comment that strikes right into the Anwar government’s heart.

In English, the latter is saying:

“Remember the 1998 Reform movement. Remembering Bersih 1 to 5. The same prohibition since Najib’s time but at that time, (protesters) violated (the prohibition to demonstrate) “for the sake of the people”. So this time, can other people also violate the order not to strike “for the sake of the people”? Does “for the sake of the people” mean “for the sake of Anwar”?”

Another user Najib Halim blamed the minister for the chaos.

The user said: “The minister created trouble, the MOH becomes a puppet, officials become victims, and the result is the quality of service to patients will be affected. The minister is the head (responsible).”

Another user attacked Anwar on the issue of respecting ethics in public service.


“During Anwar’s time, it was not difficult for him to invite the people to go to the demonstration. At that time, there was never a question of the ethics of civil servants. The contract doctors are now facing a difficult time, he made it even more difficult for the people. Madani is my son and wife, and Madani is also Malaysian “darul nicotine’,” joked the user.

Meanwhile, user Zul Hilmi Saidin gave some good advice to the ‘strikers’.

The user said contract doctors should not follow the European style of demonstrations or strikes, which disrupt all the services at once. Instead, they should go on strike to gain sympathy from Malaysians.

“For the contract Doctor brothers, if you want to do a demo, don’t be like Europe, all services will be interrupted. Trouble the people. Make a demo that gets the sympathy of Malaysians. Start at the state hospital that wants state elections. For example, like in Japan, bus drivers went on strike, the bus kept running but they didn’t charge the fare. Ganbatte!” — April 2, 2023

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