Health Minister rallies behind nurses’ uniforms amid PAS criticism

HEALTH Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa has defended the uniforms worn by nurses in Malaysia stating that there is nothing wrong with them after a PAS MP said they were too tight.Dr Zaliha emphasised that nurses adhere to ethical guidelines regarding their uniforms and from her perspective, there are no issues with the current attire.“There are ethics nurses adhere to when it comes to their uniforms and it is clear to me that there is no problem.“We have just tabled the Health White Paper and should be focusing on what is important which is providing the best health services to the people. For now, I do not see the uniform as an issue,” she added.Meanwhile, Negri Sembilan Srikandi Keadilan chief  Nadhirah Halim criticised the opposition politicians for questioning the use of specific uniforms in the nursing profession.She pointed out that the uniforms are designed based on job requirements, as healthcare professionals handle medical devices and high-voltage equipment. The proper fitting of uniforms is essential for ensuring their safety while operating such equipment.Nadhirah also noted that healthcare workers face high risks while dealing with patients’ bodily fluids, blood, and infections. The specialised uniforms, made from a blend of polyester and cotton, provide maximum protection against germs without clinging to the body or absorbing fluids.

Moreover, Dr Zaliha stated that the MOH’s priority is delivering excellent healthcare services to the public, especially following the recent Health White Paper.

The responses from Dr Zaliha and  Nadhirah was prompted by Kuantan MP Wan Razali Wan Nor’s remarks during a debate on public health reforms in the Dewan Rakyat.Wan Razali suggested that the government should change the nurses’ uniforms, citing their tightness and alleged non-compliance with Islamic principles.His comments, which included concerns about the visibility of women’s body shapes, received criticism and he was urged to apologise but he did not. – June 18, 2023

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