Heavily pregnant wife upset husband plans to re-marry

Editor’s Note: Readers’ discretion is advised. Posts contain strong language.

A TWEET by an anonymous poster on the SecretsMY site has garnered a lot of sympathy as well as plenty of rage from netizens.

The poster claims that she is about to deliver a baby but is extremely depressed that her husband plans to take a second wife soon.

She cannot but feel jealous and does not want him in the delivery room when she is at her most vulnerable, saying she cannot stomach the thought of her spouse messaging updates to potential second wife when the child is being delivered as gut wrenching.

The SecretsMY site states that it is a platform for Malaysians to anonymously share secrets, confessions and rants that people can relate to. The post above certainty resonated with many having been viewed more than 762,000 times at time of writing. It also generated plenty of responses.

Here is a small sample of netizens sympathising with the poster.

Even though the poster had asked netizens to not be critical towards the husband, many ignored her request and proceeded to vent their fury with some very choice words.

More than a few netizens highlighted that the right to polygamy is being abused in this instance.

It was not just women posters who were sympathetic and offering a shoulder to cry on. One male netizen summed up the feeling of many by wanting to visit physical violence on the offending husband.

It is certainly a heart-wrenching story and FocusM wishes the poster a safe and healthy delivery. The post also highlights the many pitfalls surrounding the thorny issue of polygamy.

For certain politicians calling for greater access to this practice, maybe it is time to take heed of the sentiments above. – Jan 18, 2024

Main pic credit: The Sun, UK

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