Helping cashless Malaysians maximise savings via exclusive perks and benefits

THE COVID-19 pandemic has brought about drastic changes in consumer trends and purchasing habits.

With people placing more importance on cost-saving and are constantly on the lookout for better deals, ZCITY aims to redefine, transform and simply users’ e-payment experience by providing greater deals, brilliant rewards and promotions for every use.

The instant rebate and cashback app enables users to earn lucrative rebates by creating highly enjoyable cashless shopping experiences with familiar e-commerce brands like The Alley, Morganfield, Hui Lau Shan and US Pizza, among others.

Home to more than 2,000 merchants, the platform offers users access to their favourite restaurants, stores and services while allowing them to be mindful of their budgets without compromising their expectations for quality products.

Additionally, users can make use of the platform’s user-friendly and convenient features to make easy payments with trusted e-wallets like Touch’n Go, Boost, GrabPay Online and credit card/online banking like FPX, all while foregoing credit top-up and credit card binding.

More than just a rewards platform

ZCITY’s mobile application enable users to make multiple bill payments at once, access e-Vouchers, and even make cashless donations to various charity organisations nationwide.

Today, users are able to access and pay for their water, phone, Internet, and TV bills, all while reaping instant discounts and rewards points with each payment.

Sam Teo

By next year, the platform will enable them to pay additional items like the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans, local councils, and assessment tax, among others.

Most importantly, the ZCITY application ensures secure everyday transactions through a partnership with Malaysia’s leading payment gateway, iPAY88, providing both users and merchants ease of mind whilst shopping digitally.

“Saving costs doesn’t have to mean purchasing lower-quality products and scraping for change between couch seats,” said ZCITY founder and CEO Sam Teo.

“Savings could also present themselves in the form of rewards, with which consumers can use to enjoy multiple benefits, and cashback from every single purchase they make.

“We want to ensure that consumers are able to enjoy the quality of life they are used to despite the current economic uncertainties by making products and services more accessible and affordable through rewards.”

On top of creating an enjoyable shopping experience for customers, ZCITY intends to create a unique space for merchants as well.

The past years have witnessed businesses benefitting greatly from a slew of digital solutions made available in the marketplace.

“By riding the digitisation wave, we are able to further elevate local businesses to greater heights, which will prove to be immensely helpful for their growth and sustainability, especially amid these trying times,” added Teo.

Through a collaboration with Kentang Charity – a non-profit organisation formed by Malaysian activist Kuan Chee Hong, or better known as Uncle Kentang – users are now able to make cashless donations conveniently and seamlessly through the ZCITY application.

All funds accumulated from the donation will be directly transferred to Kentang Charity and will be used to provide aid and support to underserved communities around the nation. – Sept 27, 2021

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