E-commerce trade to get further boost from peak season

ALREADY experiencing a robust shipping volume as the COVID-19 pandemic drives consumers to shop online, e-commerce trade around the globe is expected to hit an all-time high this peak season.

The upcoming peak season, which includes ‘Black Friday’ and “Singles Day’, is expected to further boost shipment quantities to more than 50%, DHL Express said in a statement today.

While, the significant growth in e-commerce shipment volume is music to the ears of industry players, the challenges for logistic providers are tremendous, DHL observed.

In addition to coping with the increasing demand and keeping tab of the developments of the COVID-19 situation, they (logistic providers) have to put precautionary measures in place to ensure safety of staff.

The e-commerce shipment volume experienced around 35% growth this year owing to the global pandemic.

DHL Express Asia Pacific chief executive officer Ken Lee said: “Over the years, we have seen consumers and even businesses shift their purchases online, but the pandemic has truly pushed the trend to leapfrog a few years ahead.”

“The upcoming peak season will be challenging to the logistics industry, but we stand ready to make sure that our customers’ shipments are delivered as fast and as safely as possible,” added Lee.

Meanwhile, DHL Express Asia Pacific executive vice president, network operations & aviation, Sean Wall remarked, “In Asia Pacific, we are expecting this year’s peak season shipment volumes to be 30-40% larger than last year.

“While these are extraordinary numbers, our state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated aircraft fleet, and insanely customer centric employees are fully prepared to meet our customers’ requirements.” – Oct 28, 2020







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