History tutor shows empathy by providing cheap tuition classes

A YOUNG lady from Muar, Johor underlined the true meaning of empathy when her efforts to provide cheap history tuition to students facing financial hardships were reported in Bernama.

Setting up class on the porch of her family home in Taman Perwira, K. Mahaletchmi conducts history lessons for SPM students. Her tools are just a white board and a budget smart phone, which she uses to conduct physical and online lessons.

The 20-year-old has a deep love for history and scored an ‘A’ in STPM prompting her to offer tuition classes on the subject. She charges just RM20 per month, claiming that she understands the financial difficulties some of her students are facing.

Having lost her father a few years ago, Mahaletchmi’s family is also struggling to make ends meet, thus she fully empathises with others facing similar hardships, knowing that these students have little or no opportunity to attend extra tuition lessons.

“I just want to share knowledge with them and use the small amount of money I get when I further my studies,” said Mahaletchmi who will pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in development management at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

Due to limited internet quota, which prevents her from holding a long teaching session via Google Meet, she may sometimes use Microsoft Power Point or send her students voice messages through WhatsApp to explain a topic.

She pointed out that the small stipend is to cover the cost of printing notes that she sends to students’ homes.

The young lady’s efforts to help SPM students from poor families are to be applauded. Displaying empathy and kindness by the bucketload, these are the sort of stories that truly warm the heart. Overcoming adversity while helping others, Mahaletchmi’s selfless actions and dedication to teaching should be an example to all Malaysians.

Perhaps there is a private organisation willing to help Mahaletchmi in her endeavours by providing some financial support? – Oct 6, 2023


Main photo credit: Bernama

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