HLM Takaful’s CyberPlanner to help young adults plan their finances

HONG Leong MSIG Takaful (HLM Takaful) expanded the reach of its solutions by introducing its latest innovation programme, CyberPlanner.

The digital platform aims to increase awareness about takaful and assist in improving the public’s financial safety net while helping them earn some income in the comfort of their homes at the same time.

“HLM Takaful has been making efforts together with other industry players to close the Takaful protection gap among Malaysians where the penetration rate is currently only at 16.4%,” said HLM Takaful CEO Mohd Asri Omar.

“We are committed to narrow the protection gap through our various channels including digital,” he added.

Malaysians above the age of 18 can are eligible to register for free on the HLMTServ website, in which they will receive a link to share on social media accounts and e-mails to help promote the products.

Potential customers who click on the link will be allowed to choose to subscribe to their preferred online family takaful products, namely HLM Takaful i-Salam, HLM Takaful i-Critical Care, HLM Takaful i-Hospital Care and HLM Takaful Alpha Saver.

For every successful referral, the CyberPlanner will receive referral fees and are entitled for other rewards.

“The CyberPlanner programme will be mutually beneficial for both CyberPlanners and Takaful participants of our online products,” Asri explained. – Feb 4, 2021

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