Home owner sparks furore after sharing images of collapsed gate post filled with rubbish

A REVELATION on X (formerly known as Twitter) on cost-cutting measures in the construction industry that is neither shocking nor surprising has gone viral.

A netizen using the handle @sidchan shared images of his collapsed gatepost that was filled with rubbish and all other manner of flotsam and jetsam instead of the required concrete and reinforced materials.

The homeowner pleaded with developers in the country to not resort to such strategies as it was a betrayal of buyers’ trust and confidence.

Many suspect that such practices are common in the construction industry where unscrupulous parties try to maximise profit margins with such nefarious tactics.

This is what others had to say on the matter.

Many derided the poor quality and lack of professionalism in the construction process.

Others recommended doing proper inspections before purchasing.

A few netizens pointed out that this was the doing of foreign labourers who did not follow the specifications.

Some demanded that the developer be exposed.

The question arises what course of action can the homeowner take?

The post has generated close to 850,000 views at time of writing as the topic obviously resonates with many homeowners.

However, the developer has yet to offer a statement at time of publication. It is hoped that any wrongdoing is exposed and severe punitive measures meted out to rid the industry of such practices before it results in a loss of life.

Lest Malaysians forget there is precedence in the shape of the Dec 11, 1993 Highland Towers tragedy. – Feb 1, 2024

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