Honesty not always the best policy as elderly uncle blurts out what he likes best about his spouse

A VIDEO shared on Meanwhile In Malaysia Facebook page has provided everyone with a touch of light relief.

The clip shows a lady asking an elderly couple in what seems like a random street poll. The wife was asked what she liked about her husband to which she replied, “his honesty”.

Little did she know her husband was about to show just how honest he could be. When asked what he liked about his Mrs, he replied without hesitation “her big ass” and “thick thighs” which he claimed were good for child-bearing.

The lady ‘reporter’ was left gobsmacked by the uncle’s salt-of-the-earth attitude and judging from the comments on the forum, many netizens felt the same way, too. Here is a sample of what was said:

Many were in awe of the uncle’s chutzpah, saying he had a large pair for even daring to utter such words.

Some did point out that such honesty was the preserve of couples married for many years. Single men were cautioned against taking a similar ‘honesty is best’ policy when trying to court a lady.

One netizen revealed that the video clip was made possible by an interviewer who got quotes from ordinary people, usually going about their daily chores.

If you find yourself suddenly accosted by this or similar interviewers, it might be advisable to exercise some caution. After all, we do not know what happened to this uncle post-interview. He might be nursing a black eye or missing a tooth or three for his blunt forthrightness.

FocusM believes in speaking the truth but in some cases, this may not be the wisest choice…. – April 17, 2024

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