Hop on M’sia’s first public hydrogen bus and make a difference

EVEN though World Earth Day 2021 has gone and passed, that does not mean that we have to wait another whole year before we take steps toward sustainability.

As a start to walk the talk, Malaysia became the first country in Southeast Asia to offer hydrogen buses as a free mode of public transportation.

The service was piloted in Kuching city by the state government of Sarawak, offering two loops of the Downtown Heritage Loop (operates daily) and the Damai Loop (operates on weekends).

“Conventionally, World Earth Day is being celebrated with tree planting, spring cleaning and awareness talk in schools but we wanted something different. Allowing people to experience the hydrogen bus tours would indirectly help them learn about the Sarawak’s Hydrogen Agenda,” said Spativate founder Seph Haini.

The hydrogen bus service was recently resumed in early March 2021 after a two-week suspension.

According to Sarawak Metro media manager Letitia Samuel, it was unanimously agreed for the company to take extreme measures where the passengers capacity are reduced to half in order to provide sufficient space for social distancing.

Moving forward, Spativate will partner with more Government and private organisations in making the corporate social projects more attractive, interactive and hopefully more impactful towards the local communities.

By reducing the number of vehicles on the road, you will do your part in reducing the pollution from vehicles. Furthermore, that would be the perfect time to play tourist and revisiting your cities. Start small but keep it consistent. – April 28, 2021

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