How PAS treats women in politics becomes part of the Islamists attempt to win Selangor

PAS is making a mighty effort, with daily campaigns backed by creative posters that are designed to open the eyes of the Selangor citizens against the ‘ugliness’ of the ruling coalition in the richest state in Malaysia.

The campaigns are unending, hard-hitting and at times hilarious.

However, netizens are taking the threats posed by the PAS in its bid to take over the state seriously. They are keeping a daily tab on the collateral posted by the PAS and its allies and supporters.

Take this one for instance this tweet from @PASPusat:

“If there are natives who are competent to be Selangor MB, why do we want to choose outsiders? After all, the natives of Selangor are not ordinary people.”

It is accompanied by a photograph of PAS Selangor information chief Abdul Basith Abdul Halim.

The response from the netizens is swift and hard-hitting too.

User @CikguSyazmirHN replied:

“Let’s take a look at the examples of indigenous people and non-native indigenous people. PAS MB in three states are all indigenous people, but when it comes to women’s issues, there is only one woman in the exco ranks of the PAS government.

“Even in one state (run by the PAS) the exco who represents female affairs is a man! On the other hand, in Selangor, three women were appointed as excos.”

According to this user, there is something fishy with the PAS and its attempt to take over Selangor.

Meanwhile, user @ShazwanZdainal said:

“What does @PASPusat want to do in Selangor to ask the people of Selangor to vote for PAS? Are you planning to make a grandma walk 500m in the city just to throw out the trash?

“Planning to make the people of Selangor bathe and drink Klang River water? Or want to steal wealth in Selangor to transfer to other places? Try to explain clearly what PAS wants to do because people want to know.” — May 21, 2023

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