How the pandemic started a social enterprise

THE arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic spun the world into an unprecedented time, where our plans and dreams for 2020 were immediately put on hold for the entire year. Yet, despite the crisis, there is still hope.

In the midst of struggling businesses, unemployment, and the loss of loved ones, Suthan Mookaiah decided to launch his own philanthropy programme – a way to bring light into troubling times.

At 34 and with a background in information technology, Suthan ventured into community service by providing essential products to low-income families in Kajang and Cheras. Here’s the link to the story covered by Bernama. 

But, the passion to help his fellow Malaysians didn’t stop there. With the desire to do more, Suthan developed a plan that would meet the needs of the community, while creating job opportunities at the same time – allowing those who struggle to make ends meet earn a living during the movement control order (MCO).

Thus, Beligas was born with an aim to be social responsible by providing employment and entrepreneurship programme for B40 Malaysians.

Suthan Mookaiah, the man behind Beligas


The idea behind Beligas was simple – gas was still a necessity during the lockdown as every-one still need to put food on the table.

And, with the need for instant gas, Suthan ensured that deliveries were made within 15 to 20 minutes upon each order. But more than offering quick and affordable gas to the public, Beligas gave people like Paandian and Darshan the opportunity to work.

The duo started delivering gas for Beligas with two old EX5 motorbikes in Ampang. But through hard work and dedication, they were able to invest in their first lorry for Beligas deliveries within a few months since they started.

Paandian and Darshan with their first lorry for Beligas deliveries


Still, the story of Paandian and Darshan is just one of the many stories of those who have partnered with Beligas. In fact, Beligas recently collaborated with the Kajang Prison where selected individuals – through proper screening – are given a second chance at starting over in life.

Who knew that a social enterprise could come forth from this pandemic? Beligas is well on its way to becoming one of the leading gas providers in the Klang Valley.

As they deal directly with gas provider – cutting out the need for middlemen – their gas prices are competitive and transparent.

Looking at the reviews from Google app store, those who have acquired their services can at-test to their affordability, convenience, and friendly service.

One user Lavanya Sundram said: “This app is user friendly, convenient and time saving. They provide good and fast service. Riders are friendly.”

Another user Gurmeet Kaur said: “Very good and fast service. And the price is awesome low.”

Competitive pricing with delivery service


However, there are some critical reviews as not all areas in Klang Valley are covered yet and the team is working at adding more locations in the near future. Since beginning operations in June, Beligas now delivers to 123 locations in the Klang Valley via their user-friendly mobile app.

Want to learn more about Beligas or would like to request for delivery in your area? Get in touch with them today! Let’s show this local social enterprise support as they continue to give back to our community. – Dec 3, 2020


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