How to create an impressive boardroom

APART from the lobby and front office waiting areas, the space that creates the most impact in an office environment is its board room.

The boardroom is where many hours will be spent making crucial strategic decisions and where management and staff will congregate to brainstorm.

Similarly, this where important negotiations or sales pitches will be made to potential clients. Hence, organisations should place sufficient thought and emphasis on how the board room will look and feel.

Two key areas to look at when designing a board room:

Fittings and furnishings

Space is the key issue when it comes to selecting the right furniture and fittings for the board room. If space is limited, choose furniture that will maximise the available square footage.

For instance, instead of rectangular conference tables, opt for round or oval-shaped tables that will save on space. This will allow for other board room necessities such as lecterns and storage cabinets.

As for seating, the key issue is ergonomics. Make sure the chairs are comfortable for prolonged meetings. Being comfortable in the board room will obviously impact on staff participation and efficiency.

Businesses will surely want potential clients to be comfortable when listening to sales pitches, so choose wisely. Better yet, test-run a few chair designs before buying.


Another key aspect to how a board room will feel is the lighting. Harsh and overly bright lighting can cause strain on the eyes of those in the board room, making it an uncomfortable work environment. Thus, the lighting needs to be bright enough yet soothing.

Lighting cannot be dull as to affect meeting attendees’ ability to read texts or follow screen presentations.

To allow for better control, lighting installed in the board room should be adjustable to allow for different needs, especially when it comes to presentations which may require varying degrees of brightness.

Paying attention to the above two factors should help with the designing of the ultimate board room – a centrepiece that highlights an organisation and its expertise. For a premium address to set up an outstanding board room, check out: – Sept 21, 2023


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