How to insulate the office space

THE days are getting hotter. Heatwaves seem to last longer and are more intense compared to the hot seasons of yesteryear. 

This has a pronounced effect on energy consumption as air-conditioners are turned on to maximum as citizens attempt to cool off.  

Obviously, this will have an immediate effect on electricity bills, more so in a large office environment. This can come up to quite a tidy sum given tariff hikes. 

It is thus imperative for business organisations to find ways to alleviate rising overheads. According to a thermal insulation specialist’s website, these are some of the primary factors to consider. 

Placement of inlet and outlet points 

Placing an outlet duct in the opposite direction of the incoming inflow of hot air can significantly increase the turbulence (or internal air velocity) in the space.  

Finding an optimal location and direction for inlet and outlet ducts could significantly reduce the energy costs of removing the hot and stale air in the internal environment. 

Exposure and orientation of windows 

Sunlight exposure can be slightly modified and controlled through the clever design and construction of window structures.  

Design features, such as the depth of their placement, can reduce direct sunlight exposure due to the shadow of the structure. 

Presence of electrical appliances 

An office space with a lot of heat-generating equipment will need to modify their spaces accordingly. The best example would be the computer server room where the machinery generates plenty of heat and requires dedicated cooling systems.  

Clever design of office space can minimise heat transfer as well as maximise the cooling systems used. Looking for new office premises where you can implement some of the cost-saving measures above?  

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