Human rights chief activist gets hauled up by cops over speech doctored as if he insults Fed Constitution

TALKING about selective pace of police action – or inaction – Global Human Rights Federation (GHRF) president S. Shashi Kumar (main image, left) has found himself in hot soup after his actual speech was deliberately manipulated to depict as though he had insulted Islam, the royal institution as well as the Federal Constitution.

Due to this, Shashi, was summoned by the Putrajaya district police headquarters to have his statement recorded at 12 noon yesterday (April 6). He was accompanied by lawyer Karthig Shan and fellow human rights activist Siti Kasim who also had her statement recorded a day earlier.

This is despite Shashi having filed a counter police report on April 4 over edited video clips which were taken out of context from a speech he made during the gathering with several NGO’s (non-governmental organisations) at the Attorney-General’s Chamber (AGC) on April 1 during the handing over of a memorandum to Attorney-General (AG) Datuk Ahmad Terrirudin Mohd Salleh,

The memorandum was to urge the AG to act against preachers who have been allegedly making hate speech against non-Islamic religions whereby till today, the said preachers were not charged while police reports lodged against them have been classified as NFA (No Further Action) by the AGC.

Due to the circulation of the doctored videos on social media platforms namely Facebook and TikTok as well as WhatsApp, a police report was lodged against Shashi, accusing him of having malicious intent to incite the Muslim community.

“In my speech, I clearly stated that Islam is Malaysia’s official religion and all that all the country’s top leaders are Muslims,” Shashi told FocusM. “The Prime Minister (PM) and two Deputy Prime Ministers are Muslims. The AG, army, Yang di-Pertuan Agong and other Malay rulers are Muslims.

“Therefore, Islam is not under threat unlike the perception brought about by certain politicians or Muslim preachers who claimed that Islam is under threat and must be defended … they’re deliberately creating false narratives and misconceptions.”

Moving forward, Shashi said he would be taking legal action against those responsible for editing his speech and subsequent dissemination of malicious videos online with the advice of his legal team.

“The edited video was purportedly made with an ill intention to slander me and my reputation,” he asserted.

“Upon getting more details of all these perpetrators, I’m definitely taking them to court. I’m going all out on this as many slanders and lies have been spread with my name and reputation tarnished. They will answer for it.” – April 7, 2024

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