“IGP or gov’t must not react to trending issue, use wisdom instead”

THE issue of stand-up comedian Joceyln Chia who mocked Malaysia against Singapore is regrettable and distasteful. 

I wonder why Joceyln Chia needs to be made popular, as it is a trending issue. There are many people all over the world making all kind of remarks against Malaysia, are we going against them?

Our own approach to seeking Interpol assistance must be consistence not selective, to the gallery of domestic politicians.

Now, the public is asking why no importance was given to the Indera Ghandi case where the father, a convert, took away the daughter who was underage from the mother and disappeared, and the case has been pending for 14 years.

If consistency is not the rule of the government but only encountered for political reasons, the public will not show much interest, only trending for the time being, disappearing from their consciousness sooner or later.

We must not become too sensitive to any insults or any form of mocking, as the world has changed with the advent of the internet and social media. Requesting Interpol to locate Jocelyn Chia is only making her famous with her cheap stunt.

We must take the bull by the horns by retaliating against her with narratives of substance for the world to come to positive conclusion that she is a cheap stand up comedian and what she said was not the truth.

I wonder if Interpol will locate her and allow her to be brought back to Malaysia. If so, there will be more people all over the world to support her, as she is only a stand-up comedian, an art she is expressing to make the audience laugh.

There will be more comedians born over night to take revenge against Malaysia with their antics as stand-up comedians, who are found all over the world.

Will the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani or the Malaysian government seek Interpol assistance for all the stand-up comedians who will rise up from time to time from any part of the world to mock and insult Malaysia?

It is high time the IGP and Malaysia government looked at all issues that may arise in the form of art and craft with wisdom. Spending taxpayers’ money on issues for popularity is a misadventure.

Just because there was a demonstration and police reports do not warrant reactions but wisdom, especially when it happens in another country by a non-citizen.

As a government, the public needs to be educated of its implications and not react to politicians who are seeking domestic support for the next election. – June 15, 2023


K. Tamil Maran (K.T. Maran)

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

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