In defence of brave Aisyah who is accused of stirring religious tension among Malaysians in the UK

PAS-SLANT Sinergi Gerakan Mahasiswi (SIGMA) – a female Muslim graduate body – has commended the courageous action of Public Service Department (JPA)-sponsored scholar Aisyah with regard to her rebuking the Nottingham Malaysian Games Programme.

The daughter of Melaka PAS women’s wing information chief Hawa Yaakub had on Nov 24 uploaded a TikTok video to tick off the organisation of an ‘after party’ at the Tunnel Club nightclub, according to SIGMA chairman Amal Hadaya Mohammad Sharifuddin.

“This programme was partially sponsored by Education Malaysia London (EML), an agency under the Higher Education Ministry,” Amal Hadaya pointed out in a Facebook post.

“Following her string of remarks, Aisyah has received criticism from numerous social media users who may not understand the responsibility of preventing wrongdoings and even ignoring the right to freedom of expression.”

In this regard, Amal Hadaya contended that migrating to a Western country should not be an excuse to ignore or dump Eastern religious and cultural values entirely.

“On the other hand, Malaysians should remain firm by defending the value of moral principles taught to them,” asserted the vice-president III of the Gabungan Mahasiswa Islam se-Malaysia (GAMIS) (Malaysian Muslim Graduates’ Federation).

“SIGMA hereby expresses its wholehearted support for Aisyah and is proud of her courage to reprimand the culture of hedonism that is becoming more prevalent among young people.”

Added Amal Hadaya: “We hope to have more ‘Aisyahs’ who possess the courage to speak up as part of their responsibility towards amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar (enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong), especially in an era of moral instability that is becoming more and more worrisome.”

In this respect, SIGMA also invited people who agree with Aisyah to sign the petition to reject cyber bullying and to segregate foreign culture from Malaysian culture. – Nov 27, 2023

Main pic credit: HarakahDaily

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