Indian ‘chee cheong fun’ vendors underline Malaysia’s melting pot culture

CHINESE nasi lemak. Malay yong tau foo. Indian chee cheong fun?

A Facebook video showing a couple of young Indian men preparing and packing chee cheong fun (rice noodle roll) has elicited plenty of positive response from netizens.

The short clip uploaded on Sudar Oli Malaysia Facebook page highlights the melting pot that is Malaysia where culinary traditions cross cultural boundaries. The stall is purportedly located in Genting Café in Island Glades, Penang.

Many netizens were full of praise for the young vendors for daring to go beyond their comfort zone and trying something new.

More than a few chee cheong fun connoisseurs also noted the pair’s dexterity and efficient workflow.

Given Malaysia’s rich culinary heritage, there should not be any reason why Indian food vendors cannot learn and borrow from other races.

After all, the Chinese successfully sell satay and curries while Malay food vendors have learnt how to prepare dim sum and thosai. So why should Indian food vendors limit themselves to the narrow confines of their own cuisine?

More than a few highlighted that this is what cultural diversity is all about. It should be embraced and celebrated.

One netizen summed up the prevailing sentiment when he simply declared his love for the country. – Jan 9, 2024

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