Indonesians sympathising with Faisal Halim in his unfortunate moment

FOOTBALLER Faisal Halim has been in the headlines for weeks now since his acid attack, with a significant number of Malaysians expressing their sadness towards his predicament.

However, it appears that the news has also spread across Indonesia, and netizens there are expressing their sadness for the unfortunate attack on the footballer.

Some users are asking if the perpetrator has been caught by the authorities.

Reports stated that Malaysian authorities are intensifying their investigation into the acid attack on Faisal Halim, with no clear motive yet established.

Despite collecting fingerprints and issuing a suspect photofit, the case remains challenging due to the lack of public witnesses.

The police pledge to persist until justice prevails. This attack follows two other incidents involving national players, suggesting a troubling pattern.

Moreover, Indonesian netizens pointed out that it is unjust that this happened to a national footballer.

They also stated that he brought pride to the countryโ€™s name, only for him to be attacked in such an awful way. Users added that no matter how good you are to your country, there will always be someone who is unsatisfied with you.

Others are wishing the footballer to regain his health and are sharing their best wishes for him.

Typically, our two countries are always rivals. But an incident like this is bringing out the sympathies of our neighbouring country, as they too wish us well. โ€“ June 15, 2024


Main photo credit:ย Sinar Harian

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