Industry advocate objects the use of vape among youth and children

THE Malaysian Vape Industry Advocacy (MVIA) has criticised the actions of a couple who had given their child – believed to be two years old – a vape product to be used recently.

The 12-second video which has been shared on social media has received negative reactions from multiple Malaysians. The footage shows a child being given to use a vape product repeatedly.

“MVIA and the vape industry opposes the use of vape among youth and children,” MVIA president Rizani Zakaria pointed out.

“It is because of incidents like these that we need proper regulations of the vape industry. With regulations in place, appropriate action can be taken.

“Vape users also need to be correctly educated on the use of vape to ensure the product is not used inappropriately.”

Rizami further noted that the irresponsible actions of the parents in the video have shed a negative light on the use of vape.

“The continuation of such behaviour and action will only further harm the reputation of the industry which is now valued at RM2.27 bil,” he lamented.

“Therefore, MVIA once again urges the Government to quickly introduce a set of regulations for vape products and liquids to ensure incidents like this do not reoccur.”

MVIA is a non-profit advocacy group that supports Malaysian vape entrepreneurs and businesses. It aims to represent the Malaysian vape industry and provide a voice for the industry with government bodies, regulators, enforcement agencies and other interested parties. – May 5, 2021

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