“Insensitive”: Netizens pan comic strip posted by the Johor Information Department

LIVID over a comic strip posted on the Johor Information Department Facebook page, netizens to Twitter to criticise the agency.

In the comic, which had since been removed, shows a couple complaining about the struggles of making a living during the movement control order (MCO) but only to travel to Langkawi Island for a tour after it was revoked.

Despite being made as comedy strip, it only courted brickbats from the public for being insensitive.

User Fira Mustaffa said:

User Akoo Azmie retorted:

(The Johor Information Department suffers from “misplaced stupidity”. It only creates a bad impression over civil servants.)

The Government opened up Langkawi Island for tourism last month, under its tourism bubble project, in order to rejuvenate the badly affected tourism industry following the COVID-19 crisis.

Since its apparent success and limited new COVID-19 infections, the Government is mulling to reopen other tourism spots in the country with strict COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob lifted restrictions on inter-state travels for Malaysians.

However, he reminded the public that the privilege is only extended to the fully vaccinated, adding the authorities will conduct random checks on the matter to ensure compliance.

Still want tourism dollars, Nancy?

On that note, user Tan CK tweeted a question in regards to the comic, asking whether the Government still wanted to people to travel or otherwise.

User Ghazari was sharp in his remarks, adding:

(You guys are dumb. During MCO, of course people used up their savings as they could not open their businesses. Not only you guys have third world mentality but lack empathy as if you people are living in a developed country. Do some research on how people earned a living during hard times). – Oct 14, 2021

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