“Instead of attempts to take Selangor, fix Kelantan” Netizens told PAS

NETIZENS are advising the PAS to fix Kelantan and make it into a new Selangor instead of focusing their efforts on “overthrowing” the current ruling class in the richest state in Malaysia.

They call the efforts by the PAS to win in Selangor an attempt to “Kelantanise” the state, which is spoiling it.

PAS and Perikatan Nasional (PN) have started an offensive in Selangor in an attempt to take the state in the next state elections, which are slated to take place by June this year.

The PAS strategy includes ongoing criticism of the Selangor government, a focus on what they perceive to be problems in the state, and mobilising their troops online to disseminate the apparent “breakdowns” on social media.

It is also claimed that the strategy includes the party’s choice to talk with Pakatan Harapan (PH) about an appropriate time for the concurrent dissolution of the state assembly in the six states that did not have their elections on Nov 19, 2022.

Perhaps the intention is to persuade the PH states to hold elections earlier, possibly to ride on the ‘feel good’ factor after the PN and PAS’s outstanding achievement in the 15th General Election (GE15).

Nevertheless, a Twitter user @Edie5792922 :

(Instead of thinking about wanting to be “Kelantanised” Selangor should think about how to “Selangorised” Kelantan. Reduce the migration of Kelantan people abroad.)

At the time of this writing, the tweet has more than 21,000 views, and many other users have replied to the tweet to support the view.

In fact, the PH supporters turned their anti-opposition campaigns into criticism of the PAS’s rule over the state of Kelantan.

User @ih_tr said:

(Very good idea. And I don’t think any of the PAS leaders have ever thought of such a good idea. Even their technocrats did not think of that. I give 10 stars for this idea.)

Being more cynical, one user @hrashidah3 added:

(It is too hard to “Selangorised” Kelantan because it requires high FDI and capital to build infrastructure, it is better to use that capital to buy Mercedes. If we want to supply clean water to Kelantanese, maybe it will take another 50 years to complete.)

There were no comments made to defend the PAS rule over the state of Kelantan.

Another user @PemendamRasa8 said:

(Agreed. Instead of wanting to seize the state (Selangor) that is already rich and developed. It’s good to develop the state of Kelantan first. If you are diligent, God willing, you will make a lot of money. The important thing is that the welfare of the people is preserved. Don’t be busy getting rich but the people are suffering.) — Jan 29, 2023

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