Internet inflamed with alleged killing of youngster by a police officer

INSPECTOR General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Razarudin Husain ordered a detailed and thorough investigation into the fatal accident in Ipoh involving a senior police officer and the death of a school student.

A comprehensive investigation instruction was also issued to the Ipoh District Police Chief, the Perak Police Chief and the Bukit Aman Traffic Enforcement Investigation Department (JSPT) Director.

A video of the incident, showing the student undergoing intensive care while lying on the road, has gone viral and people are now asking for ‘justice’.

A senior police officer has been arrested in connection with the accident in which the 17-year-old pupil was killed in Meru, Ipoh.

Ipoh OCPD Asst Comm Yahaya Hassan said the accident occurred on Jalan Taman Jati here at 12.40pm on Friday (Dec 15).

Meanwhile, Razarudin stated that he assured the investigation of the case would be carried out transparently and fairly, even though the accident involved a senior police officer with the rank of deputy superintendent (DSP), who was on duty at the Kedah Contingent Police Headquarters (IPK).

“The police have recorded the conversations of seven witnesses involving the school students involved who saw and were at the scene of the incident.”

On the X platform, people are asking for prompt action and fair dealing by the authorities on the matter.

(This is a criminal act! The loss of a young life and the burial of his dreams and his family’s aspirations. Hope @PDRMsia will take immediate action. God bless his soul.)

(Oh God, now I feel sad… imagine if our child goes through this. These damn police, using the people’s tax money to pay their salaries and they act like they have the right to take someone’s life.

(With their big-headed police license, they think they have the right to kill someone’s child. Hopefully, the parents of that kid sue and put this damn cop in jail.)

(This guy’s face doesn’t look like someone who likes to pick fights. He has a good face. But unexpectedly, behind that thin moustache, there’s hidden ego and uncontrollable anger. Feel sorry for his child. At least cover his face. Is his wife guilty too? Cover her face as well.)

The user was responding to others who posted a photo of the policeman with his wife and kid. They are asking X users to censor the wives’ and kids’ faces, but it is too late as the picture is now making the rounds online. – Dec 16, 2023


Main photo credit: The Star

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